Private Orchards

"Amidst the rolling hills and verdant fields, the quaint farmhouse boasted private orchards in each plot, providing a peaceful haven for its owners to escape to."

Lake View

"The cabin's deck offered a stunning lake view, allowing guests to enjoy the serene beauty of the water and surrounding mountains."

Indoor Games

The children were not deterred by the rainy weather outside, as they continued to maintain their cheerful spirits indoors. They chose to engage in indoor games like hide-and-seek and board games, indicating their ability to adapt and find joy in any situation. Despite the unfavorable weather, the children found creative ways to entertain themselves and remained content.



Near To Us

Post Office



International School

Petrol Pump




Work from Farm culture

The rustic farmhouse had a cozy Reading/Writing Corner, furnished with a comfortable armchair and a wooden desk, providing a quiet space for the farmer to jot down his thoughts and indulge in his love for literature.

Additional Incentives for Investing in Farmland

Portfolio Diversification

  • Farmland exhibits low correlation with other investment assets.
  • An opportunity to diverge from the conventional financial system.
  • Similar to gold, but with a yield

Protection against inflation

  • The substantial federal deficit and increase in money supply have the potential to lead to significant inflation.
  • An actual asset that generates a commodity (food) that can generate higher crop income with increasing inflation over time.

Prudent investment approach

  • A lack of significant historical volatility implies that the potential decline in value during unfavorable years is relatively restrained
  • Investing in farmland has been beneficial for investors in preserving their wealth during times of economic upheava


Purchase a farm

Acquire a farm land in Bangalore, fully enclosed with fencing around the plots, and let us handle the management for you

Hassle-free purchase

We will handle everything to ensure a hassle-free plot purchase at High Lake Farm, with no legal complications.


Strategic Location

This highway property boasts a strategic location, conveniently close to Bengaluru

Certified Experts

Our team of professionals cares for plants and trees using organic methods.


High Lake Farms is conveniently located at a comfortable distance from the city. It’s important to have farmland within close proximity to your residence as it allows for spontaneous getaways. Owning land that is easily accessible, at a maximum distance of a few hours from home, is highly convenient.


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